The success story of Gold WaterPipe Industrial Company is one of challenges, pioneering, and trust now and in the future. We believe that our success in Plumbing & Water supply materials is largely due to our team effort and philosophical credos – “Service & Quality Commitment”  “Motivation Drive” and “Optimistic Philosophy”. These values extend to all of our relationships with customers.

Our missionThinking across the full value chain

Gold WaterPipe Industrial Company holds a promise of strengthening Afghanistan and is dedicated to support its national interest by providing an opportunity to the Afghanistan`s economic growth and human resource development by offering an overall concept of moving rapidly toward industrial development, self-sufficiency, self-reliability and economic stabilization.

Our Core Values

Excellence in quality and services
Honesty and integrity
Transparency and openness
Equality and non-discrimination
Co-operations and participation
Continuous improvement
Economic growth and development of our nation
Safety and Health

Client Relation

We are sincere in meeting our contractual requirements particularly with respect to quality and time bound completion. Our sincerity of purpose comes across though our flexible and accommodate attitude towards our clients’ needs since we hold client relations and satisfaction uppermost in our service oriented philosophy.
This is testified by our clients’ recommendations to others and our growing invitations to qualification further contracts by our existing clients.